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He's Feet Lickin' Good!

Besides training hard for the trials that's coming up in 2 weeks' time, i still find time to do some brotherly bonding with Baby T every now and then. Prior to the arrival of my human brother, people who know me (and are familiar with my sudden outbursts at dogs i don't like) find it absolutely amazing that i'm so affectionate to my feline siblings. Now, they're even more awe-stricken by the fact that i'm so so so into my little brother. No sibling rivalry (yet), no trying-to-dominate-each-other behaviour (yet), no pawing, no shoving him around with my big nose, no rough-housing (yet), but lotsa lotsa TLC, waggy tails and feet lickin'!!

I guess it's just kinda hard imagining me as a baby-lovin' wuss huh? But yes, i admit i am, and a VERY BIG ONE too. I always knew i had a gentle streak in me and it actually took a baby to bring out that softer side of me. (Everyone, say "Awwwwwww...." HEH!)

Did i tell you Baby T tastes as good as he smells? Even his pooey butt smells good but no luck at stealing the soiled diapers (YET)...tee hee hee!!

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