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30 July 2008 @ 10:19 am
Baby T and Me!  

I've been getting more and more opportunities to suss out my l'il brother who has advanced from a wailing bundle to an interesting, interactive little human. I've been nice and gentle with him and the humans are proud that i'm assuming my role as a responsible big brother instead of being the usual playful, boisterous me.

Just that day when i was out with S and Baby T, i was just chillin' at her feet when some stranger came up and wanted to touch my l'il brother. I sprang up on my feet immediately, went into a guarding stance - tail up, hackles raised, and stood in front of my humans. I didn't want no strangers touching Baby T!!! S was pretty taken aback but was also pleasantly surprised that i was so protective over my l'il brother. She told me it was alright and reassured me that no one's going to harm Baby T. That made me feel better and i went back to chillin' again. The stranger? He was long gone by now, seeing how i reacted to him trying to touch Baby T! Hee hee!

I don't really trust visitors in our home either, even though i know they are supposedly harmless since they are allowed in the den. Call me neurotic, but i absolutely, positively have to follow everyone around if they're carrying Baby T. I just dunno what these people might do to my little bro!!!

The humans say i take after my Mum (the bitch back in Perth), who also had a natural instinct to protect the little kids in her home. Apparently, she's more radical than me and will growl and snap if any stranger came too close to the baby's pram!

Anyways, i thoroughly enjoy being a big brother to Baby T and i'm happy to know that my humans are proud that i'm doing such a good job!!! Although Baby T still can't play with me at the moment (the best he can do is use his feet to stroke my head and ears when S sits him on her lap), i hope that he soon learns how to throw balls and frisbees so we can have a whale of a time together! Oh, and i can't wait for him to start on solids too so i can scavenge on whatever food he drops on the ground...tee hee hee!!!

Me and my little bro!

I'll take care of you, kiddo. (Well, you can return the favour by letting me hide under your cot like the other day when there was a scarrrrry thunderstorm!)

Baby T was watching teevee, while i was erm, watching him!

I so so so love Baby T and i can lick him all day long because he smells so good (most of the time)!

Current Mood: excitedexcited
Miss Poisonality: joedulamae on August 1st, 2008 02:38 am (UTC)