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12 June 2008 @ 10:37 am
To The Rainbow Bridge  

Sophie the Burmese (1988, Birthdate unknown - 11th June 2008)

After battling with heart and kidney problems for the past 18 months, Sophie left us for the rainbow bridge yesterday at a ripe old age of 20, outliving many many of her other feline comrades. The humans always tell me Sophie is one of the best cats they've ever known because she's full of character and is always ready to dish out affection. Her health deteriorated greatly over the past 2 years but S never ever gave up on her and tried her best to give Sophie a quality life, however long she could enjoy it.

All of us at home are devastated, especially S, who loved Sophie to death. But i also know how heartbreaking it was for her to watch her beloved pet fading away slowly with time. I guess Sophie's passing puts an end to all her mundane suffering so in a way, we should feel glad that she no longer has to go through all that pain anymore. Easier said than done though. :(

Whatever it is, Sophie has been a great friend to me and a greater companion to S, especially during her time in Australia. She's probably frolicking with Cocoa (another of my feline sibling who also passed away a few years back) at the moment and someday, though i don't know how soon, i know i'll be reunited with them at the rainbow bridge again.

Rest in peace, dear Sophie. May you have trees to climb, rats to chase and lots and lots of shredded chicken to eat all day long. You will be dearly missed.

Current Mood: sadsad
ext_109165 on July 6th, 2008 01:52 pm (UTC)
Hi Uncle Chester!

Yeah, I saw your hooman parents and lil' bro Tris at West Coast Dog run yesterday! I was looking high and low for you, but couldn't find you!! :(

Did your Mommy tell you I'm one of your ardent fan?!?! I wish I could do the freeeeze bee chops like you do! It looks so cool and fun!!! And fun is what I like! But Mommy says I am not ready for the freeeze bee monster. Something about still forming bones. Duh. Hoomans. What do they know?!?

Oh well, I'll be a good boy and wait out my time. Hope by then you'll feel in the mood enough to teach me a few of those astounding jumps and retrieves you are so good at! Can't wait! :)

On a sadder note, sorry to hear about Sophie. I wanted to comment the last time I read your post, but was just not sure I should since you don't know me yet. Mommy send her condolences. I'm sure Sophie was given the very best while she was here. So you guys must cheer up, ok? Can't wait till next Sat when I will see you and your Mommy doing the infamous Chester's chops! Till then! :)