March 26th, 2008


My New Brother!

I'm a big brother now and this is my new non-hairy baby brother, baby T!! He's more like a baby T-rex though because he's really scary when he's hungry!!!

The humans are amused by how keen i am at following the baby wherever he's carried to and even the babysitter remarked that i seem to be guarding the baby all the time whether he's in his cot or in the living area having his feed.

Whenever my baby brother wails, i'll be the first in the family to jump to my feet, running frantically around the house to alert the humans. Who needs a baby monitor when there's me?

I'm so proud to finally become a big brother and i can't wait for the little one to grow up so we can play together and have a blast!! Oh, and don't call me Chester the Jester or Chester the Hi-Flyer anymore! Call me Chester the Cot Guarder or Chester the Baby Monitor! Tee hee hee!!