I'm Back!

Just realised it's been exactly 3 months since i last blogged!! I've been getting complaints from both human and doggy friends that i haven't updated my blog for ages, so here i am again!

So many things have happened in the past 3 months - i've trialled twice (did my FIRST agility trial in August and scored my FIRST clean run ever in the Jumpers trial too - no trophy or ribbon though but that's another story for later)...spent some time indoors and outdoors bonding with my lil' bro Baby T, training training and more training (another trial is coming up in Dec) and basically just having a blast being myself!

I've got so many pictures to share and i'm not even sure where i should start. Let's just start with the photos from the last SKC Jumper and Agility Trial in August! As usual, CK made me look like super-dog!

Mosaic - SKC Trial (24 Aug 2008)

Very cool pix, aren't they?! *grins*

I scored a clean run (no bar-knocking, no refusal, no nonsense, not a single fault incurred!) BUT because S was too cautious with her handling and steered me sooooooo slowly, we finished the course 0.92secs slower than the qualifying time!!! That cost me a rosette and a trophy - what a bummer!! Still, S maintained we aimed for a clean run and got a clean run, so no point whining and bitching about the loss. Just gotta work harder for the future trials, not me but HER of course!!

I've lotsa other photos of me and my lil' bro and i'll post them as soon as i can. Strangely, Baby T is becoming more and more like me and is showing little resemblance to the humans. He recently started to move around on all fours (just like me!!) and has been leaving pools of saliva on the floor wherever he goes (just like me too!!). I wonder if he'll grow some fur and a tail next...or maybe he'll start lifting his hindleg and pissing on everything upright!! What exciting prospects!!


He's Feet Lickin' Good!

Besides training hard for the trials that's coming up in 2 weeks' time, i still find time to do some brotherly bonding with Baby T every now and then. Prior to the arrival of my human brother, people who know me (and are familiar with my sudden outbursts at dogs i don't like) find it absolutely amazing that i'm so affectionate to my feline siblings. Now, they're even more awe-stricken by the fact that i'm so so so into my little brother. No sibling rivalry (yet), no trying-to-dominate-each-other behaviour (yet), no pawing, no shoving him around with my big nose, no rough-housing (yet), but lotsa lotsa TLC, waggy tails and feet lickin'!!

I guess it's just kinda hard imagining me as a baby-lovin' wuss huh? But yes, i admit i am, and a VERY BIG ONE too. I always knew i had a gentle streak in me and it actually took a baby to bring out that softer side of me. (Everyone, say "Awwwwwww...." HEH!)

Did i tell you Baby T tastes as good as he smells? Even his pooey butt smells good but no luck at stealing the soiled diapers (YET)...tee hee hee!!

dog hash

Of Baby T and Bailey

Last year, i had a great time at the National Dog Walk 2007 where i did my first ever frisbee demo (can you believe S was actually pregnant with Baby T when we were doing all those back vaults?!). This year, there were fun activities and agility trials held during the NDW but i wasn't involved because the event spans the entire day from 9am-5pm (the agility trials were from 1pm onwards) and Baby T was due to be baptised in the late afternoon on that same day! Bummer, bummer, BUMMER!

As far as i'm concerned, Bailey (Super Bailey, in fact) was the star of this year's NDW! I've seen him complete the superweaver at the speed of lightning (60 weave poles, OMDOG!) and he's getting better and better with those frisbee tricks!!!! Once i lay my paws on those videos, i'll post them up here!

I'd like to claim some credit for his vast improvement though....

Can you see how intense and focussed Bailey was back then when he was still a puppy?! And now this youngster flies higher than me!!! Way to go, Super Bailey!!

Me teaching Bailey the essence of being a Frisbee Master. The nerve of him to be dozing off!!!

Okkkkaaaaayyy....i admit i didn't do much for Bailey to become Super Bailey. It's all thanks to Mr. Smartdoggy who spent so much time training him! The humans always mockingly scold Mr. Smartdoggy for being a showoff with Bailey but i guess if they had a dog like him, they'd be showoffs themselves too!!

Although i didn't get to go to the NDW 2008, the humans brought my lil' brother to check out the action (BOO!). I was a tad jealous because i didn't want Baby T mixing around with strange dogs! He reeked of weird and smelly dogs when he came home and i wasn't too pleased until the humans showed me this:

Looks like Baby T only shares a connection with me..tee hee hee!! Even though he's getting rather chubby, i shall strive to constantly remind myself: He ain't heavy, he's my brother!! :)

eyes closed

Baby T and Me!

I've been getting more and more opportunities to suss out my l'il brother who has advanced from a wailing bundle to an interesting, interactive little human. I've been nice and gentle with him and the humans are proud that i'm assuming my role as a responsible big brother instead of being the usual playful, boisterous me.

Just that day when i was out with S and Baby T, i was just chillin' at her feet when some stranger came up and wanted to touch my l'il brother. I sprang up on my feet immediately, went into a guarding stance - tail up, hackles raised, and stood in front of my humans. I didn't want no strangers touching Baby T!!! S was pretty taken aback but was also pleasantly surprised that i was so protective over my l'il brother. She told me it was alright and reassured me that no one's going to harm Baby T. That made me feel better and i went back to chillin' again. The stranger? He was long gone by now, seeing how i reacted to him trying to touch Baby T! Hee hee!

I don't really trust visitors in our home either, even though i know they are supposedly harmless since they are allowed in the den. Call me neurotic, but i absolutely, positively have to follow everyone around if they're carrying Baby T. I just dunno what these people might do to my little bro!!!

The humans say i take after my Mum (the bitch back in Perth), who also had a natural instinct to protect the little kids in her home. Apparently, she's more radical than me and will growl and snap if any stranger came too close to the baby's pram!

Anyways, i thoroughly enjoy being a big brother to Baby T and i'm happy to know that my humans are proud that i'm doing such a good job!!! Although Baby T still can't play with me at the moment (the best he can do is use his feet to stroke my head and ears when S sits him on her lap), i hope that he soon learns how to throw balls and frisbees so we can have a whale of a time together! Oh, and i can't wait for him to start on solids too so i can scavenge on whatever food he drops on the ground...tee hee hee!!!

Me and my little bro!

I'll take care of you, kiddo. (Well, you can return the favour by letting me hide under your cot like the other day when there was a scarrrrry thunderstorm!)

Baby T was watching teevee, while i was erm, watching him!

I so so so love Baby T and i can lick him all day long because he smells so good (most of the time)!


I Got Framed!!!

S finally got down to framing MY painting after procrastinating for the past few months. Now that Baby T is finally settling down, i'm up on her priority list again...tee hee hee!!! Resumed training a couple of weeks again and met so so so so many new dogs to bully and makan make friends with. Amongst them are 2 uber cute puppies (being sorta anti-puppy, i have to trust S's judgement on the cute part) - a BC named Tristan (he shares the same name as my human brother and is about the same age as him too!!) and a corgi named Yuki! These guys actually read my blog even before we met - what a nice surprise!!! Not that i can appreciate puppy play, but watching the way they romp and wrestle, i'm quite sure these 2 kiddos will be agility champs in time to come!!

Anyways, back to my framing story. The humans decided that my painting (with its bright colours and all) suits Baby T's room the most so they got it framed in white to match my l'il brother's cot! I think it looks mighty mighty nice! Don't you think so?

Chester's Painting

Stop Saying Frisbee! prizes for guessing what S is saying to me to make me cock my head like that.

In Tristan's Room!

The painting is finally up in Baby T's room! For ONCE, i was allowed on the sofa! (I was promptly told to "hop off" once the picture was taken though...BAH!)

Oh and by the way, i turn 5 today! Hopefully i'll achieve more in the next few trials and make my humans proud! I may be older, none the wiser but definitely NOT slower..HEH! I smell a casserole brewing and a cake on the way - will blog and post pics of my big day later!


To The Rainbow Bridge

Sophie the Burmese (1988, Birthdate unknown - 11th June 2008)

After battling with heart and kidney problems for the past 18 months, Sophie left us for the rainbow bridge yesterday at a ripe old age of 20, outliving many many of her other feline comrades. The humans always tell me Sophie is one of the best cats they've ever known because she's full of character and is always ready to dish out affection. Her health deteriorated greatly over the past 2 years but S never ever gave up on her and tried her best to give Sophie a quality life, however long she could enjoy it.

All of us at home are devastated, especially S, who loved Sophie to death. But i also know how heartbreaking it was for her to watch her beloved pet fading away slowly with time. I guess Sophie's passing puts an end to all her mundane suffering so in a way, we should feel glad that she no longer has to go through all that pain anymore. Easier said than done though. :(

Whatever it is, Sophie has been a great friend to me and a greater companion to S, especially during her time in Australia. She's probably frolicking with Cocoa (another of my feline sibling who also passed away a few years back) at the moment and someday, though i don't know how soon, i know i'll be reunited with them at the rainbow bridge again.

Rest in peace, dear Sophie. May you have trees to climb, rats to chase and lots and lots of shredded chicken to eat all day long. You will be dearly missed.

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My New Brother!

I'm a big brother now and this is my new non-hairy baby brother, baby T!! He's more like a baby T-rex though because he's really scary when he's hungry!!!

The humans are amused by how keen i am at following the baby wherever he's carried to and even the babysitter remarked that i seem to be guarding the baby all the time whether he's in his cot or in the living area having his feed.

Whenever my baby brother wails, i'll be the first in the family to jump to my feet, running frantically around the house to alert the humans. Who needs a baby monitor when there's me?

I'm so proud to finally become a big brother and i can't wait for the little one to grow up so we can play together and have a blast!! Oh, and don't call me Chester the Jester or Chester the Hi-Flyer anymore! Call me Chester the Cot Guarder or Chester the Baby Monitor! Tee hee hee!!


Overdue Videos!

Overdue videos of my last 2 frisbee demos! The first one was taken last week at SMU's World Animal Day and it's my very first time performing with D! Although S still practices her frisbee chops with me and can still manage most of our usual sequence (albeit at a MUCH SLOWER pace now), she can no longer do vaulting with me and that's supposedly the most impressive part of all! So yeah, she has been out of action for awhile and i'm glad i can finally have some good ol' male bonding time with D!

The second vid was from way back last year at the National Dog Walk. Realised i haven't shared the video with you guys so here's it anyway!

Hope y'all enjoyed the videos!

p.s. My home's bustling at the moment because i was told my human l'il bro is due to arrive anytime this week. I love human puppies because they have as much energy as i do and seem to be able to play fetch with me eternally!!! BUT i was told i'd have to wait for my l'il bro to grow up first before that can happen.....WHAT A BUMMER!

standing tall

Rainy Days....

....are BORING DAYS and Border Collies become BORED Collies!!

My oh-so-sad, puppy-doe-eyes look obviously have no effects on the humans because they reckon wet, soggy fields just don't go well with my me (especially my white fur). Me? I'd rather be out there rolling myself silly in the mud and having a blast!

But oh well, at least i received the completed painting of me finally!!!

Claudine (the artist) thought this picture was absolutely hilarious, seeing the big grin plastered on my face while posing with the huge package!!! Because S had requested for a larger painting, the completed piece did not come framed unlike Claudine's normal work. Now, we just need to custom-frame the painting and it'll be ready to go up on the wall of our new pad. According to Claudine, some of the money that we paid for the painting went to saving an Aussie cattle dog's life. You see, Claudine not only paints well but also has a heart of gold - a percentage of the money she makes from her artwork serves as donations to the local shelters and the needy animals there! This lady definitely deserves a BIG BONE if i ever get to meet her personally!

I hope the sucky weather stops somehow because even my weekly training is disrupted and i haven't had the chance to have a good, extended game of frisbee with the humans for awhile!

Although the humans reckon rainy days are good for sleeping in, i beg to differ! But like they say, if you can't beat them, join them. So thank DOG for my comfy Snooza.... now excuse me, while i put the Snooza to some good snoozin' use.....


Fun Times At The Trials!

I went for my first Jumpers trial of the year and this time, D (my daddy!) handled me for the first time because as you all know, S has a human puppy growing inside her and if she were to handle me, we'd probably be disqualified for double handling!!

Although i don't speak much about D in my blog, my daddy has been a great supporter of all my activities and i love him to death! Besides ferrying me to and fro from my training sessions and practicing those mean frisbee throws regularly (so i don't have to tolerate sucky throwing....tee hee hee!), he's never selfish and shares junk food with me behind S's back too!!

Even though we didn't win, CK (i shall refrain from calling him UNCLE CK in case he stops taking picture of me in future) captured some great shots that sure made me look so damn cool!!!

I think i look like i was having a blast clearing those bars and zipping through the tunnel!!! Having fun always comes first on my priority list!!

More pictures from the trials coming up soon!