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Chester the Jester
18 January 2008 @ 03:18 pm

Although Tutti is always thinking of ways to annoy me (stealing my food/toys, sitting on my head, playing with my tail when i'm sleeping, running around like a totally mental cat!!!!) and i get angry with her at times when she gets too much, she never fails to run right back at me to give me a loving nuzzle whenever i sulk and refuse to play with her anymore.

It's true we share a love-hate relationship but whenever i look at her innocent little face and those sky-blue eyes, i think i actually love her much much much more than i hate her *big goofy grin*...

Isn't she such a sweet little thing? That is, IF she stays still......

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Chester the Jester
03 January 2008 @ 10:59 am

I've finally laid my furry paws on Claudine's masterpiece!!!! Though this is only a scanned copy of the final painting, i can't wait to get the real piece so the humans can frame it up and put it up in our new pad! WooohoooOOOOooOOOOoOOooo!

This is such an amazing piece of art. I especially love the way she plays with colours and shapes. And she definitely captured my personality with her paintbrush and paper! In her last email, she kept telling S how much she enjoyed working on this painting because she loves my happy face especially the smile that i'm always wearing in all my pictures! 

S has already thanked Claudine profusely for her effort but i haven't forgotten the 2 photographers that took the brilliant pictures that were used in the painting.

Special thanks to CK for this picture:

And Mee Yin for this one:


I want another painting of me featuring the pictures of me doing frisbee stunts!!

Oh btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR every human and every doggy, i know i'm so overdue with my postings and i wish i have enough time to tell you guys everything good and bad that's been happening to me - the pressies i received over the festive season and also the passing of my favourite, favourite babe (she's the only one who can lay her teeth on me and get away unscathed). Anyway, sad stuff aside, i hope 2008 will be a great and fun year for everyone! With a new human puppy arriving in 3 months' time, i know i'll be having a crazy  time goo-gooing and gaga-ing with him. The humans are pretty certain the human puppy is a Border Collie like me because apparently, he just can't stop moving and is most active when they're trying to sleep - sounds just like me, doesn't it?! Hopefully, the human puppy will be good to me and drop me some treats when i'm hungry! Milk, mashed bananas, cereal....anything!!!

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Chester the Jester
23 December 2007 @ 11:31 pm

Just when i thought i could be spared from the humiliation i had to go through last year, a package came in the mail and the humans gleefully told me it was an early present from the King's S.

To my horror, it was an x'mas collar made from ribbons and flaff and bells!!!! Oh wells, at least it beats having to wear a hairband which has reindeer ears. Thank DOG i didn't have to wear BOTH the collar and the hairband....tee hee hee!!

Anyways, to every human and every doggy, here's wishing you all a very very merry x'mas filled with lotsa love, joy and most importantly, toys and goodies!!!

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Chester the Jester
04 December 2007 @ 11:23 am

During my free time, when i'm not going crazy over a frisbee or working out my muscles at the training grounds, i enjoy reading too! Like all boys (that includes my daddy), i enjoy car magazines like "Japanese Performance" which features lotsa cool rides like the Scoobies, the Evos and the Skylines.

I love our blue Scooby most because the humans use it to ferry me to and fro places - it's speedy and loud, kinda like me!! However, like any Border Collie, being speedier is always a good thing, but like all car geeks will tell you too: "Speed is nothing without control". I think that applies to running an agilty course as well because i can proudly say that after 1 year of consistent training, i have both speed and control now. Sometimes, i lose control and skid off the agility table and the humans will simply laugh their heads off and insist that my brake pads need servicing soon!

Anyway, i digressed. For this x'mas, i'm hoping to receive a speeeeeeeedier ride as a present - can you see how transfixed i am over that particular page in the magazine? If you look closer, i think i'm also drooling!! Santa Claus (if you can hear my howls of pleas), please give me a Subaru Impreza STI this x'mas!! Pweeeeeety pweeeeeeease!!!!!

p.s. D and S, i will share my new ride with you, i promise! Tee hee hee!!!

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Chester the Jester
06 November 2007 @ 02:07 pm
SKC Maxi Jumpers Trials (4th Nov '07) - 4th Placing

After 2 failed attempts to qualify for the Maxi-Jumpers trials, i finally qualified and even clinched the 4th placing this time round!! Even though i was one of the speedier ones with one of the best timings, i incurred one fault and hence i didn't manage to get a better placing. Still, the humans and i are exhilarated over it because after all, it is my very first REAL trophy and ribbon!!!

Have more to say regarding the trials but that'll have to wait till i'm done with all the love, attention, good food, new toys, long walks and frisbee fun that i so so so so deserve!!! After all the hard work (i was actually injured during training just 4 days before the trials but i'll tell you about that later), i don't think it's too much to ask for some teeny weeny reward, right?!?

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Chester the Jester
18 October 2007 @ 02:41 pm

In the midst of deciding what decor they want for the new house, the humans decided that I, yes ME, will make a good piece of decor for our new home too!

Before you guys get all worried that i'd be become a preserved, stuffed Border Collie, no no no that's not what's going to happen! After seeing my buddy Kingsley getting such a beautiful portrait of himself, S has decided that i also deserve a nice painting to immortalise my handsome self (*erhem*). Also, the painting can double up as a nice piece of art for our new home!!

S emailed Claudine yesterday and sent her some of my better shots (both action and headshots) - some from S's personal collection and others from the camera of the very talented Mr. CK. Today, Claudine replied and it wasn't hard to sense the excitement in her voice - i hope it's from seeing my handsome pictures!!

Here's an extract of what she said:

"Hello S... nice hearing from you..Chester is such a cute boy!!! I love the headshots you sent... he has such a great face. Very happy dog! I love his colouring....I love playing with colours...this will be a fun piece to do."

Ooooh, so she thinks i'm cute and i have a great face!!! *BIG GRIN* Anyways, my problem now is i have to choose my favourite headshot amongst the three i sent. All 3 seem nice to me and i have no idea which one is the best!

Why don't you guys help me decide??

So everydoggy, should i pick 1, 2 or 3?

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Chester the Jester
15 October 2007 @ 01:29 pm
Fast and Furious!

So this is my new ride! It performs much, much better than our little hatchback and it's definitely more befitting for a speed demon like me! I even have a matching bandana - all thanks to Auntie Jenny who bought it for me while she was holidaying in Thailand!

Any doggies wanna take a joyride with me? Hot babes, preferably, ok course! *winks* SMELLY entire boy dogs who still have their ding-dongs need not apply, please!!! (I might consider taking neutered boy dogs if you smell good and promise not to kiss/lick/chase me or persistently explore my nether-region....hee hee!!)

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Chester the Jester
02 October 2007 @ 02:42 pm

Pardon me for the looooong absence - i hope you guys missed me!!!! So much has happened and i've got soooo many overdue pictures! After my last post, i was busy training for the trials (which i didn't win again, but that's another story) and then going for the trials proper, showing my frisbee chops at the SKC dog show (and winning 3rd prize again), taking a well-deserved break after that....yadda yadda blah blah. Also, big news in the house - we're gonna have a human puppy some time next year too!!

I sure hope it'll be a Border Collie puppy that's as smart and active as me! Though there's no doubt that i'll have to share my humans with the human puppy soon, the humans have promised me that they'll still keep up with my active lifestyle as much as they can!! So far, S has kept her word and even though she has been carrying the human puppy inside her, we've managed to do 2 public frisbee performance and take part in the trials as per normal - thank God she wasn't disqualified for double handling!!! But yeah, no more back vaulting with S for the time being but hey, i've still got D and Mr. Smartdoggy to prance on!!

Anyhow, here's the overdue recipe of "Chester's Chicken Gobblers" i owe you guys! It's reaaaallly reaaaaally simple so don't forget to bug your humans to make some for you!!

Here are the ingredients you need:

2 cups of shredded chicken (S added some salmon too cos i'm such a fishy dog!)
3-4 cloves of minced garlic
4 teaspoons of grated parmesan cheese (you can add more if you like!)
2 tablespoons of parsley , finely chopped up
2 eggs, beaten
2 cups of whole wheat flour
2 tablespoons of brewer's yeast
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

If you like greens like me, you can also add some chopped up carrots or broccoli or celery! 

The preparation part:

First, you need to put the chicken, garlic, grated cheese and parsley into a biiiiggg bowl and mix them well.

Chester's Chicken Gobblers!

Then, add the beaten eggs and mix well again.

After that, add flour, brewers yeast, and oil and mix thoroughly until all ingredients are well-blended.

Chester's Chicken Gobblers!

Mould the mixture into balls and place them on cookie sheets, baking trays or whatever you've got at home.

Chester's Chicken Gobblers!

Last but not least, bake the gobblers in a preheated oven at 350º for about 20 minutes or until nicely browned. Move the gobblers onto wire racks (if you have them, or if not, a plate will do) to cool and harden.

Chester's Chicken Gobblers! 

And voila!!! Chester's Chicken Gobblers are ready!!!! Just look at how i stare at the tantalising gobblers.....yummmmmyyy!! 

Gobble Gobble Gobble! 

Even after i've gobbled down all the gobblers, i tried to use my Border Collie eye to will some more back onto the plate but alas, it didn't work!!!!

I want more gobblers soon and you guys should lay your grubby paws on some too!!!

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Chester the Jester
21 August 2007 @ 04:17 pm
can you please say the magic word?

I dunno about you guys but S makes me stay and wait for my food until she says the magic word. Not only that, she makes me stare into her eyes and hypnotises me with constant chanting of "watch...watch...focus...focus" and i'm not even allowed to look at my food!!!

According to her, it makes me a better and more disciplined dog but that's just a load of dog poo to me because i get gastric pain while waiting!!! Okay okay alright....i was just exagerrating but i just hate having drool pooling in my mouth while waiting for the magic word!

Anyways, i guess good food is always worth waiting for and i love it when i get to enjoy a homecooked dinner!!! Check out my favourite dish in the picture above - angel hair spaghetti in chicken broth with lotsa yummy salmon and greens! You see, in terms of eating habits, i take after the cats in the house because i'm more of a fish-dog than a meat-dog! Not that i'll ever refuse a juicy steak though, but gimme fish any day and i'll be a happy dog - salmon, mackerel, shark, cod....and oh i don't mind junk food like fish fingers and filet o' fish too...tee hee hee!

Fish is good, especially fatty fish like salmon because it contains chockful of essential fatty acids that's great for my skin, hair coat, heart function and my eyes of course!!! Remember my powerful Border Collie "eye" ? Solid proof that the fish diet is working!

Oh, and if you're wondering why there was only chicken broth and no chicken in my dinner, that's because the chicken was used to make the chicken gobblers!!! I'll post the recipe in my next post, complete with pictures!

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Chester the Jester
14 August 2007 @ 10:58 am
From my buddy's blog some time ago:

"A characteristic of the border collie is the herding eye. It's been said that when working, this breed will usually be seen in the crouched position, with their alert eyes fixed on the job in hand. The 'hypnotic' eye characteristic is probably more defined in the Border Collie than any other breed and it is this quality which makes them so superb in herding sheep, using their eyes to guide a herd without the need to nip or bark."

Even though there is no stock for me to herd here in sunny Singapore, S makes sure i still exercise some of my Border Collie traits by giving me "work" to do. If you've seen me playing frisbee with the humans, you'll be able to witness how i try to round them up by circling them endlessly like how a true working Border Collie would round up stock.

"The Border Collie is an agile dog, able to suddenly change speed and direction without loss of balance and grace. When intent upon an object of interest (a toy, a treat, or stock) there is often a crouch or stalk position with a steady gaze (the Border Collie "eye") and a lowered head. The movement is free, smooth and tireless, with a minimum lift of the feet and an overall balanced appearance."

And of course, the object of my utmost interest is the frisbee!!! Check out how ready i am, assuming my stalk position with my super intense Border Collie "eye", dying to take off as soon as the frisbee leaves S's hand! (Even my usual floppy ears are up, so it goes to show how serious i am about my "job!"!!)

Frisbee demo - National Dog Walk 2007, WCDR 

Crouching and exercising the power of my Border Collie "eye"!

Frisbee demo - National Dog Walk 2007

Doing a mid-air spin!

Frisbee demo - National Dog Walk 2007, WCDR

Got it! 

Frisbee demo - National Dog Walk 2007, WCDR

Back vaulting! 

Great, great pictures by Mee Yin (whom i haven't met in real life but hope to do so soon so i can personally give her a paws-up to show my appreciation) - thanks so so so much letting me have these pictures so i can share them with other doggies and humans! Hope you guys enjoyed them as much as i did!

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